The German company Beurer GmbH has stood for innovative products in the health and well-being sectors for over 96 years. Starting in 1919, Beurer's focus lay on products providing cosy warmth. 

Over the years, Beurer has continually expanded its range and, in doing so, has always set great store by innovation and reliable quality. 

Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technologies, Beurer creates product solutions that are specially tailored to the needs of the customers and that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

This has resulted in the Beurer group becoming the market leader in the sectors of blood pressure monitors, Shiatsu massage seat covers, personal scales and flexible heating products.

Numerous awards have crowned this success – German engineering at its best!

Today, the extensive Beurer range comprises a multitude of products, including blood sugar measuring units, blood pressure instruments, fever thermometers, electric blankets, bathroom and kitchen scales, footbaths and nebulizers, as well as pulse watches.

EUROCARE Wellness is distributing Beurer products in Southern Africa.

Blomus is a German brand specialising in premium home accessories, thoughtful design combining functionality and aesthetics.

Blomus products are cool and likeable, practical and elegant, timeless and distinctive. blomus products do not age. While they demonstrate a self-assured presence, they always remain unobtrusive, enriching our everyday lives and providing beautiful highlights to some of our more exclusive moments.

Many products are winners of well-know design awards: German Design Award, reddot design award,  IF Product Design Award, Interior Innovation Award and many more. 

The product range covers pure taste (kitchen and table ware, wine and cocktail accessories), pure spa (bathroom accessories), pure garden (fire & water, deco, garden and outdoor accessories) to pure home (storage and deco to work, relax, welcome)

EUROCARE Wellness is distributing Blomus products in Southern Africa.

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Gastroback GMBH

The German brand GASTROBACK stands for aspiration to make professional technology usable for the kitchen at home. GASTROBACK is a modern premium brand which focuses on design, high-grade materials, professional functionality, quality and safety. 

Gastroback's range includes products like ice crushers, coffee machines, mixers, milk frothers, toasters, vacuum sealers, waffle makers, crepe makers, kettles, electric citrus juicers, blenders, smoothie mixers and many more

EUROCARE Wellness distributes selected Gastroback products in Southern Africa. 

Kellermann & Co., Drei Schwerter GmbH

The company and brand Kellermann Three Swords (Drei Schwerter) stands, for over 90 years, for innovative and quality Manicure & Pedicure assortments.


The Company goes back to a very old tradition of steel products from the German city of Solingen, which produced many world famous brands and steel products like scissors, cutlery and knive brands. 

Kellermann & Co., Drei Schwerter GmbH is a family managed business, founded in 1927. 


The trademark - three swords standing on their pointed ends - symbolizes unity and strength. Since 1584, it had been the sign of the age-old sword-smiths and sword-cutlers guild, and it was registered as well as protected internationally in the name of Kellermann & Co. by the German Patent Office.


EUROCARE Wellness brings Three Swords quality and products to Southern Africa.

LENA Toys ranks among the top European manufacturers of play-pretend vehicles and a wide range of craft and creative products, tailored towards children twelve-months and up. Their durable designs, top quality materials, and meticulous attention to detail maximize educational, "off-screen" entertainment and imaginative enrichment. 


Lena is passionate about sustainability and produces their certified products mostly in Czech Republic, to German quality and safety standards. LENA is one of three brands of SIMM Spielwaren, a 3rd generation German family business, located in Roth, Bavaria, near the toy capital Nuremberg, Germany.


EUROCARE Wellness brings LENA quality and products to Southern Africa.

The family business glaskoch was founded in 1859 and it is nowadays one of Europe’s leading glass suppliers. Today the company is managed in the 5th generation by Oliver Kleine and his wife Bianca Kleine.


The brand LEONARDO conveys the Italian sense of life since it was established in 1972. We love glass – LEONARDO per sempre! LEONARDO is Glasliebe.


EUROCARE Wellness brings LEONARDO  quality and products to Southern Africa.

Montana is the second brand of the German family business glaskoch.

The brand offers perfect, clever help and support in many everyday situations and provides numerous solutions with versatile and practical details at an attractive price-performance ratio, making every day a little bit easier and more comfortable.


EUROCARE Wellness brings Montana quality and products to Southern Africa.

PearlCo is a German brand with with more than 30 years of experience in the development and distribution of water filter carafes. PearlCo’s expertise and competence is essential when developing products around one of the most essential elements: our drinking water. Thanks to advanced technology, PearlCo filters soften tap water and remove mechanical impurities, heavy metals and chlorine – all which disturb the natural taste of water.


All PearlCo products are subject to a complex ISO certification  quality control concept. All parts, such as the components of the filter granulate, are supplied by European brand manufacturers. The production of PearlCo products takes place exclusively in the European Union.

PearlCo’s products ranges from home water jugs in different sizes, colours, materials and models, to filter cartridges and bottles for sport and school. 


All PearlCo jugs and filter cartridges are compatible with the BRITA filter system. 

EUROCARE wellness distributes PearlCo products in Southern Africa.

German tradition of leather goods and craftsmanship - PICARD bags, business bags and purses in classic and modern design. 
Natural materials, traditional fine bag making craftsmanship, creative design and passion for their products and the colourful life they accompany us through – that is what makes PICARD so unique. And has done since 1928.


Since then, the German family business have passed the enthusiasm for beautiful leather goods down from generation to generation. The same goes for the experience and knowledge required for the high-quality processing of leather. In this way PICARD is one of the few training companies that still consistently pass on fine bag craftsmanship. 


Handing down traditions and values, combining this with the spirit of discovery and innovative ideas, the family company has developed into a global player. Today PICARD has a worldwide workforce of more than 2,000 ensuring that our products are loved around the globe. The company assumes responsibility for each individual member of the extended PICARD family, setting the highest standards of quality for. We bear this great responsibility not only to mankind but also to the environment.


That makes PICARD a brand you can touch. Conscientious, personal, emotional, warm-hearted, lively, curious, fun-loving. As individual as the people who carry PICARD. Let’s call it simply “my favourite brand with tradition”. We love PICARD.

EUROCARE wellness distributes Picard products in Southern Africa.


Rösle is a kitchen accessory manufacturer based in the Bavarian town of Marktoberdorf in Germany. It is no coincidence that RÖSLE has been a family-owned German company since 1888, always focusing on the needs, interests and habits of its customers. Almost inevitably, this led to an expertise in the areas of kitchen aids, cooking utensils, BBQ and lifestyle cooperations.


The best example for this has been RÖSLE’s recent Sansibar cooperation, which has brought forth an impressive collection of professional products. It has laid the ground work for further partnerships which combine tradition, know-how and modern lifestyle with each other. We always start with our products. Each one of them has been intensely thought-through, exclusively manufactured and perfectly designed, and stands for the highest quality and functionality.

EUROCARE wellness distributes RÖSLE products in Southern Africa.

As a leading manufacturer of bike accessories, SKS has been ensuring that wheels roll for almost 100 years. SKS breathes life into their slogan Ride on! day after day: pick up speed and keep on the road to success without detours. With tried and tested products, innovative solutions and fresh ideas. The “Made in Germany“ label of quality reflects the high demands SKS places in quality, function and design. The products are developed in internal development and design departments before they are put through their paces.

High quality mini pumps and frame pumps, precise suspension pumps and stand pumps in addition to the cult product, the RENNKOMPRESSOR, characterise the air pump range. The pumps are characterised by comfortable features, high pumping performances and robust materials. SKS GERMANY has a global reputation for its innovative mudguards for all wheel and frame sizes. They provide optimal protection from dirt and splash water.

In addition to compact bike tools, chainguards, bottles, bottle cages and bags, the new BIKE LIQUIDS have also been integrated in the SKS range in order to provide even greater biking comfort with additional accessories.

EUROCARE wellness distributes SKS products in Southern Africa.

THOMAS is a German company, producing household appliances made in Germany for over 100 years.

As a developer of the first electrically powered metal washer and manufacturer of spin dryers, THOMAS products are represented in many products from different reputable brands and manufacturers. THOMAS is a family business, active in Siegerland for four generations and have remained Made in Germany.

THOMAS has always been committed to providing innovative products that are based on the needs and desires of their customers.  Whether it is one of the small, flexible bag vacuum cleaners with superior high-tech equipment, bagless vacuum cleaners with unique AQUA PURE filter technology or the spray-suction air purifiers with spraying function and AQUA+ technology. Customers looking for more than just a vacuum cleaner find with THOMAS exactly what they need.

THOMAS’ products fulfil all important and current standards in terms of quality, environment and energy efficiency, regularly receive awards and achieve excellent test results. Raw materials are used in a sustainable way and processed using cutting-edge technology.



Troika is a world leader in high design, playful gifts, and accessories for the discerning professional. Its well designed products are made of high grade materials with impeccable finish. Creating joyful products that are user friendly, tactile and of lasting value.



Troika is the winner of over 60 design prizes, including the prestigious Red Dot award, German Design award, and the Good Design award from the Chicago Athenaeum.



The company lives by its motto, "freude schenken", roughly translated out of German as "be delighted"

With Troika's great product line of wonderful gifts, they have been delighting gift givers and recipients alike for over 40 years.

EUROCARE wellness distributes TROIKA  products in Southern Africa.

 Vagnbys Design & Living is made for the modern and conscious consumers who want a modern home where style and elegance is of high priority.  

VAGNBYS is a young and upcoming design label with a truly Scandinavian design heritage. The name VAGNBYS goes back to a 3 generation long tradition in design and is now successfully represented by Marcus Vagnby – one of the young, upcoming design stars of Denmark.

At the heart of VAGNBY’s design portfolio is the love for exclusive, stylish yet functional wine and table accessories. We aim to becoming one oft he leading brands for functional wine & table accessories.

EUROCARE wellness distributes VAGNBYS  products in Southern Africa.

Venta Luftwäscher GmbH, with headquarters in Weingarten, Germany, is the worldwide leader in the manufacturing of humidifiers and air purifiers for indoor use and produces its products for over 30 years in Germany.

The worldwide-patented Venta system for humidifying and purifying air was soon able to attain a market share of roughly 60% in Germany. In a list of the top ten bestselling humidifiers, Venta products ranked 1-5 (source: GfK, Panelmarkt Germany 2010).

Venta-Airwashers are high quality units that both Purify and Humidify the Air, made in Germany. Perfect for cleaning your air by removing dust, pollen, mites, airborne bacteria and other particles. the Venta-Airwasher does all of this using only water as the filter just as nature intended, which means there are no messy bags or costly filters.


The Venta-Airwasher uses a process of cold evaporation to regulate the humidity so it physically can’t over-humidify the air, which means no white-dust and no mould as regular humidifiers may produce. These 2-in-1 units are perfect for Purifying & Humidifying the dry and dusty air that plagues our big cities.

EUROCARE Wellness is Venta's distributor in Southern Africa.